Issalena Kammy

“My name is Issa and I am hunted… I hold a power that I neither understand nor can barely control…”

Issalena Kammy, a young and naive ‘small-island’ girl looses everything she has ever known when the Dread Dragons of Baelthrom destroy her home. Her mother is dead along with all the people she has ever known. It is only through the help of a mysterious raven that she barely survives herself. But the hardship has only just begun. What follows is an epic adventure as Issa is thrust into the battle for the very fate of Maioria.


“Will all those I love be taken from me? Only the Raven Queen has the strength to fight the growing darkness…” 

Only by embracing the warrior Raven Queen of Prophecy can Issa hope to face the darkness that threatens to consume her. With Asaph, the last Dragon Lord, by her side, she has powerful allies.


“It is said by Dragons, the most ancient of beings upon Maioria, that the raven emerged from the dark moon of Zanufey, whereas all other creatures, including Dragons, came forth from the golden sun of Feygriene.

When Maioria fell into shadow the dark moon rose and the raven came, bringing into the world the pure magic of old that existed before the dawn of time. Such power touched everything, leaving nothing unchanged, not the beasts or birds, not even the land. The Dragons knew then that if Maioria fell too far into darkness again, if evil grew greater than good, then would Zanufey’s dark moon rise and with it come the raven.”

~ Dark Moon Rising

In the beginning the raven of Zanufey was with Issa, protecting her and guiding her to safety.

“Dark places we both have been, into evil we have seen, our journey now is done yet yours has just begun. Have faith in the darkness, move through it, with it, but do not become it. In the Shadowlands we were trapped for millennia and have come to understand many things. Remember when we walked the Shadowlands and there between the darkness and the light, beyond the living and within the dead, the Immortal Lord could not find us. Keteth gave his powers to you, to walk amongst the dead, but our gift will take you there most easily. Accept our gift. Be as the raven, Raven Queen, and walk between two worlds. It shall be as the prophecy foretold.”

~ Karshur and the Lost Souls, The Fall Of Celene