The fate of the world hangs in the balance… but an ancient prophecy has been set in motion.

Dare to Believe

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“My 2nd favorite author. Tolkien is my first.” Myla L.A.

“My all-time favourite fantasy series now (and I have read an awful lot of them!). Beautiful and evocative writing, great characters, a fantastic cosmology, and truly epic world-building that is breathtaking in scope. Well done indeed!” Paul F.

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Be the light unto the darkness…Be the last light in a falling world.”


They had both been chosen: he to save another race; she to save her own from what he had become. Now, both must enter Oblivion and therein decide the fate of all.

Goddess Awakening ~ A Prequel

When darkness falls, a heroine will rise.

The Dread Dragons came with the dawn. On dark wings of death they slaughtered every seer and turned their sacred lands to ruin…

A Seer’s visions never lie. When an ancient goddess gives her warning in a powerful visitation, Eritara realises the terrible premonition will soon come to pass. But the price to save her unborn child and all

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The Fall of Celene ~ Book Two

Impossible Odds, Terrifying Powers

“My name is Issa and I am hunted. I hold a power that I neither understand nor can barely control…”

The battle for Maioria has begun. Issa faces a deadly enemy as the Immortal Lord’s attention turns fully in her direction. Nothing will stand in Baelthrom’s way—he must destroy this new power that grows with the rising dark moon…

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Demon Spear ~ Book Four

Demons. Death. Deliverance.

All these Issa must face as darkness strikes into the heart of their last stronghold. Greater demons are rising from the Pit, Carvon is brutally attacked, and a horrifying murder forces Issa and her companions to flee. But despite the devastating loss, she must keep her oath to the Shadow Demons and alone reclaim the spear that can save them all…

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War of the Raven Queen ~ Book 6

“Be the light unto the darkness…Be the last light in a falling world.”

They had both been chosen: he to save another race; she to save her own from what he had become. Now, both must enter Oblivion and therein decide the fate of all. Find out more

Night Goddess ~ Book One

A world plunging into darkness. An exiled Dragon Lord struggling with his destiny. A young woman terrified of an ancient prophecy she has set in motion.

He came through the Dark Rift hunting for those who had escaped his wrath. Unchecked, his evil spread. Now, the world hangs on a knife-edge and all seems destined to fall. But when the dark moon rises, a goddess awakens, and nothing can stop the prophecy unfolding…

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Storm Holt ~ Book Three

Would you sell your soul to save the world?

The Storm Holt… The ultimate Wizard’s Reckoning, where all who enter must face their greatest demons. No woman has entered and survived since the Ancients split the magic apart eons ago. Plagued by demons and visions of a strange white spear, Issa must take the Reckoning to find her answers and fight for her soul to prove her worth to the most powerful magic wielders upon Maioria…

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Dragons of the Dawn Bringer ~ Book Five

An Exiled King. A Broken Dream. A Sword Forged for Forever.

Issa can trust no one. Her closest allies betray her and nobody is as they seem. When a Dromoorai captures her and a black vortex to another dimension rips into her room, she realises the attacks will never stop and there is far worse than Baelthrom reaching for her out of the Dark Rift. Find out more


Araya Evermore is the bestselling author of The Goddess Prophecies – a six book epic fantasy adventure series readers are comparing to J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and David Edding’s The Mallorean, and describing it as “Robert Jordan’s hugely popular The Wheel of Time series, with a female Chosen One.” The world of Maioria is falling into Oblivion, but only the divine powers of a young woman and man can save it in this saga full of spirit, determination and resilience.

Araya has been exploring other worlds and writing fantasy stories ever since she came to Planet Earth. Finding herself in a world in which she didn’t quite fit, escaping into fantasy novels gave her the magic she craved. Despite majoring in Philosophy & Religion, then in Computer Science, living in fantasy worlds is her true passion. And this is why she left her career in The City to embark upon her first love; writing spellbinding Epic Fantasy.

Originally from Somerset, the British Isles (where she eternally hunts for Excalibur), she has been travelling the world, and has so far lived in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Aside from writing, she spends time working, talking to trees, swimming with fish, and playing with swords. Having lived in the mountains, she realised she is a sea-based creature, and now resides by the ocean.

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