Notable Characters of the Light

Issa – Issalena Kammy. The Raven Queen. Young woman from the Isles of Kammy. Chosen by Zanufey.

Asaph – Asaph Dragon Lord. The Dawn Bringer. Last of the Dragon Lords and heir to the throne of Drax. Chosen by Feygriene.

Arla – Strangely gifted, somewhat wild child in the Temple of Celene.

Ayeth – Powerful Aralansian wizard and emissary to the Yurgha.

Belledyn – Issa’s grandmother. Eritara’s mother.

Bokaard – Atalanphian Captain. A Knight of the Raven.

Daranarta – King of the elves in the Land of Mists.

Duskar – ‘Black Fire’ in old Celenian. Issa’s devoted horse.

Edarna Higglesworth – Witch of the West and a Way Shower for Lost Ones.

Ehka – Issa’s guardian raven. Zanufey’s messenger.

EiretonneDwarven warrior. A Knight of the Raven.

Lady ElenyEly” – Lady of the Castle Elune. Issa’s friend.

Eritara JayaIssa’s mother. Powerful seer in training to be of the Trinity

Fraya Littlehand – Issa’s adopted mother.

Inklemak – Light Dwarf wizard from long ago. Finder of the raven talisman.

King Ixus – King of Drax. Asaph’s father and a Dragon Rider.

Jinfrosthard – Light Dwarf warrior from long ago. Finder of the raven talisman.

Maeve – Lady Eleny’s maid. Issa’s friend.

Maggot – Small Shadow Demon who helps Issa in the Strom Holt. Issa’s friend.

Marakon Si Hara – Half-Elf. Feylint Halanoi High Commander. Creates the Knights of the Raven.

Mr Dubbins – Edarna’s blue cat familiar.

Murlonius – The boatman. An Ancient. Yisufalni’s lover.

Orphinius – Elven warrior. Daranarta’s aide.

Queen Pheonis – Queen of Drax. Asaph’s mother and a Dragon Lord.

Rance – Dark-haired knight and jouster. Cirosa’s former lover.

Sheyengetha – The great elven blue oak and a gateway to another realm.

Thanon BardIssa’s father. Bard and follower of the Old Ways.

Thiashar – Swamp fairy. Iyena’s helper.

Queen Thora – Queen of Davono.

Velonorian Issa’s Elven protector.

Yisufalni – An Ancient and Priestess of the Usteralax people.

Wykiry – Sea Nymphs. The name means “land banished” in the Ancient’s tongue.

Asaph’s Loyal Men

Leaper, Danny, Jekk, Renno, Blaise.


Faelsun – A pure blood dragon. Guardian of the Dragon Dream.

MorhorkA pure blood dragon. Faelsun’s brother.

Garna, Rust, AshOf the Six Chosen by Feygriene to awaken first.


Hai “Red Beard” – High Elder.

Jarlain Friend of Marakon. A High Elder in training.

ShufenFriend of Marakon. Leader of the Hunt.

Tarn Friend of Marakon. Jarlain’s half brother.

King Marakazian’s Knights

Cormak, Drenden, Ghenath, Hally, Hylion, Ironbeard, Konnen, Lan, Meyer, Nemeron, Oria.


Cusap’anth – Triest’anth’s son and tribe leader.

Diarc’ynth – Young female warrior.

Grast’anthWeaponsmith. Issa’s sword trainer.

Fris’anthMale warrior. Rhul’ynth’s lover.

Op’ynth – Cusap’anth’s wife.

Palu’anth – Male warrior.

Rhul’ynth – Female warrior. Fris’anth’s lover.

Triest‘anth – Old wizard and former tribe leader.


Gurapoha – Oldest shaman of the Kuapoh.

Kahly – Friend of Asaph and goblin hunter; the Fearsome Four.

Jommen – Friend of Asaph and goblin hunter; the Fearsome Four.

Tillin – Friend of Asaph and goblin hunter; the Fearsome Four.

Wizards’ Circle
 – A male order of the most learned and powerful wizards in the Known World.

Averen – High Wizard. Holds the elven seat of Intolana. Elf.

Coronos Avernayis Dragon Rider – Novice Wizard. Keeper of the Orb of Air. Holds the seat of Drax. Adopted father to Asaph.

DomenonMaster Wizard. Holds the seat of Davono.

DrumbloddNovice Wizard. Keeper of the Orb of Fire. Holds the dwarven seat of Venosia.

Freydel – Master Wizard. Keeper of the Orb of Death. Holds the seat of Celene.

Haelgon – High Wizard. Holds the seat of Atalanph.

Luren – Novice Wizard. Holds the seat of Lans Himay.

King NavarrNovice Wizard. Holds the seat of Frayon. King of Frayon.

Seers of Myrn
– A secretive, mostly female order of magic wielders.

Iyena – Most learned and powerful Seer. Leader of the Trinity.

Dar – Youngest member of the Trinity.

Suli – Eldest member of the Trinity.

Naksu Feyrin – Powerful seer. A White One. Issa’s teacher.

Notable Characters of the Dark

Cirosa – High Priestess of Celene, next in line to the Oracle.

DereeverQueen of harpies.

Harpy – ‘Bird-women’ in league with Baelthrom.

Histanatarns – vicious ‘fish-people’ from the island nation Histanatarn.

Keteth – A powerful wizard, trapper of souls, creator of the Shadowlands.

LonaYurgha. Powerful orb wielder and time walker.

Vornus – Draxian traitor to the King and Queen of Drax.


Baelthrom – Dark Lord. An immortal demi-god spewed forth from the Dark Rift. Leader of the Maphraxies.

Hameka – Maphraxie Commander in Chief.

KilkarnBaelthrom’s closest aide. Dark dwarf.

Death Hounds – Massive dog-like Maphraxie beings.

Dread Dragons – Once Dragon Lords now split into two immortal, twice as powerful, beings: Dread Dragon and Dromoorai.

Dromoorai – Maphraxian High Commanders and Dread Dragon Riders.

Empty Ones – Formless energy or ‘spirit’ that can inhabit and feed off any physical living being and turn them into any form of Life Seeker.

Foltoy – giant, black cat-like creatures that can walk on two legs or four.

Knights of MaphraxOnce human knights now turned into Baelthrom’s soulless, immortal, interdimensional hunters.

Life Seekers – All Maphraxies are also called Life Seekers because their nature is to seek out life and destroy it.


Carmedrak – God of all Lesser Demons.

Greater Demons Come from beyond The Murk. Far more evil than Lesser Demons.

Lesser DemonsInhabit The Murk. Of the dark and rarely assist the light. Consist of: Grazen – Loyal to Karhlusus. Shadow – Against Karhlusus.

King Gedrock – King of the Shadow Demons.

Incubi – Male shape-shifting demons.

Karhlusus – Powerful human wizard possessed by a Demon Lord. Ruler of The Murk.

King Kull – Demon Lord, possessor of Karhlusus.

Succubi – Female shape-shifting demons.

Wekurd – King Gedrock’s advisor.

Zorock – God of the green moon of The Murk.


Daluni – Those who can converse with animals.

Karshur – Powerful elf wizard. Creator of the dagger Karshur.

Lost One – A lost spirit that searches for but cannot find the light.

Forsaken – An angry rage-filled spirit that shuns the light.

Feylint Halanoi – Fighters of the Free World. The name of the combined resistance forces fighting against the Maphraxies. Named in the forgotten language of the Ancients meaning: “Freedom or Death”.

Navadin – Bear Riders of legend. Ancestors of the People of the Uncharted Lands.

Qurenn the Courageous – Draxian warrior who slew Slevina.

Saurians – Lizard people who inhabit the swamplands of Ostasia.

Slevina the Dragon Queen – Pure blood dragon who slew Qurenn.

The Temple – The Priesthood of Maioria who manage the religious aspects of the peoples lives. Headed by one female, the Oracle, and her High Priestess of Celene.

Food, Drink & Medicine

Blue seaweedRich in iron and found in brackish waters.

Deven Star Root – Used to heal wounds and lighten the body.

Feniserry CakeKaralanthian Mountain Berry Cake.

Fire wineVery strong Kuapoh wine made from the fire grape.

Hessel leaf – Musty smelling herb found by the coast; curer of seasickness.

Jungle Spirits – Strong alcoholic beverage of the Gurlanka tribe.

Kocha tree – Huge tree of The Uncharted Lands with large heavy bunches of edible brown kocha nuts.

Lintel weedUsed in pipes and smoked by some for relaxation and calming of the mind; Purple lintel – the most expensive lintel. White lintel – the mildest lintel.

Mavy’s kelpNutritious seaweed mostly found in rocks pools.

Purple nettle Used to make a strong bitter tea. Very good for hangovers.

Saran poisonDeadly poison from Venosia often used on weapons (Hameka’s darts).

Sirin Derenax – “Oblivion of Souls” in Elvish. The Black Drink, the Elixir of Immortality.

Swamp apples – Hard, sweet, peach-coloured fruit growing in the swamps of Ostasia.

Tallen trees – Medium-sized tree of the Uncharted Lands. Drops large, sweet, brown-coloured fruits with soft pink insides.

Notable Flora & Fauna

Chukatan – Large, luminous yellow and indigo coloured fruit-eating bird of The Uncharted Lands – a good luck omen.

Dagono tree – Thin strips of bark woven to form hard armour for the Kuapoh. Also used to make long rope that never breaks.

Forest leopardLarge feline mammal with black fur and orange stripes. Found on mainland Frayon.

Island panther – Small feline mammal found on Frayon and her surrounding islands. Slightly larger than a domestic cat with black-spotted yellow fur.

Sand pines – Twisted hardy trees of Draxian islands.

The Known World

Abha Fey [Sea] – The “Shining Sea”, in the old Frayonesse tongue. The Lost Sea and domain of Keteth’s Shadowlands.

Aralansia – The Ancients mythical Land of Peace and Plenty. Over time translated into the Elven Land of Mists.

Atalanph – Desert kingdom to the south. Inhabited by dark-skinned blue-eyed humans. Sopho Morlin is the capital.

Davono – Kingdom in southeast Frayon. Mainly inhabited by dark-haired humans and many Dwarven and Elven refugees.

Drax – The ‘Dragon Kingdom’. Once inhabited by Pure Dragons and Draxians; tall, fair/red-haired humans with a mix of Dragon blood.

Fariant Fey – The Warm Flowing Torrent in old Frayonesse. Warm ocean current flowing from the south and through the Isles of Kammy.

Frayon – Human and Feylint Halanoi stronghold. Largest kingdom of the Known World.

Histanatarn – Inhabited by evil warrior ‘fish-people’.

Intolana – Once the Elven homeland. Taken and destroyed by Baelthrom many moons ago.

Isles of Kammy – Home of Issa (Little Kammy).

Isles of Tirry – Homeland of the Seers of Myrn (Myrn is the name of the main island and the capital).

Kingdom of Fire – Exists to the south beyond the Known World.

Kingdom of Ice – Exists to the north beyond the Known World.

Lans Himay – Kingdom in north-eastern Frayon. Mainly inhabited by humans and Dwarves and refugees from all over the Known World.

Maphrax – Once Tusarza, now the stronghold of Baelthrom.

Munland – Once a half Dwarven half human kingdom – now destroyed and dominated by Maphraxies.

Murk, The – The Demon Underworld just below the planes of Maioria.

Ocean Kingdom – Exists to the east beyond the Known World. Between the Known World and Ocean Kingdom there once existed several large islands where the Ancients lived. Destroyed by Baelthrom and sunk beneath the waves eons ago.

Ostasia – Homeland of the Saurians and Harpies. Destroyed and dominated by Baelthrom.

Pit, The Underworld of greater demons just beneath the planes of The Murk.

Shadowlands – A Shadow Realm filled with ghosts and wraiths (Lost Ones and Forsaken trapped by Keteth). Keteth’s creation and domain.

Tusarza – Once a beautiful land owned by all races and none. Destroyed by the Maphraxies and now a wasteland. Baelthrom’s stronghold.

The Uncharted Lands – Lands far to the west of the Known World.

UnafayThe sunken land between Frayon and the Uncharted Lands. Keteth’s entrance to the Shadowlands. Previously King Marakazian’s kingdom and place of The Valley of Death.

Venosia – Southern Dwarven homeland now dominated by Baelthrom and Dark Dwarves. Tarvalastone was once the capital for the dwarves of light, now called Diredrull.

Goddesses & Gods, Moons & Stars

Doon – Guardian of the Forest. Maioria’s male guardian and the name of the white, medium-sized moon. Also called Ood and Doonis.

Feygriene – The Sun Goddess. Guardian of the sun and creator of dragons. Also called Fey.

Woetala – The Forest Goddess. Maioria’s female guardian and the name of the small, pale orange moon. Also called Woela.

Zanufey – The Night Goddess. Guardian of Aralansia and the name of the large, rarely seen, indigo moon. Also called Zanu and Arzanu.

The Source of All – Loving, omnipotent source of all creation. Called the Great Mother and/or Great Father and, more commonly and universally, the One Source, Source or the One Light.

Blaze of Eight – A trail of eight bright stars in Maioria’s constellations.


Orb of Fire – Belongs to the Dwarves.

Orb of Water – Belongs to the Wykiry.

Orb of Earth – Belongs to the Elves.

Orb of Air – Belongs to the Dragon Lords.

Orb of Life – Belongs to the Ancients.

Orb of Death – Belongs to the humans.

Tabards & Flags

Carvon – White castle on royal blue.

Corsolon – Five white crosses on royal blue.

Davono – Green tabard and yellow sun.

Feylint Halanoi – Golden shield on red.

Knights of the Silver Star – Silver star on white.

Words & Phrases

Maio = Sacred – pronounced ‘May’ followed by a very short ‘O’ like the ‘O’ in ‘Orange’ and ‘Ostentatious’.

Ria = home as in home planet. Pronounced ‘Reeah’ as in the ‘rea’ in ‘area’.

Maioria = thusly means: “Sacred Home/Planet”.

Artheria = Daughter; Arto = Son.

Words ending in ‘n’ (Maion) are possessive and mean: My / Mine.

Maion’artheria – “My sacred daughter”; Maion’arto – “My sacred son”.

Elven Language

A = I / me.

A’farion – literally “I walk death” – I walk [in] death.

A’nkahrin malfea dun = I command the elements.

Tusarzan Language

Farla in ah iot issa lena. Yissen un ah Sharafeya = Lady of the blue moon light. Blessed by the Goddess.

Ah sena vey iot ena ah in drens phelan = The stone glows blue for the one who’s true.

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