Asaph Dragon Lord

“She named you “Asaph”, and as you know it means “the rising sun” in the old tongue; “for the perpetual dawn and the hope that rises with it,” she had said, “if our people fail today, and surely it seems we must, may it be him who brings light to the darkness that sweeps across our world.”’ Coronos smiled at Asaph, sensing the young man’s discomfort.”

~ Coronos, Dark Moon Rising

Last of the mighty Dragon Lords and heir to the throne of Drax, Asaph Dragon Lord has lived in exile all his life with the Kuapoh peoples of the Unchartered Lands. Now he returns to the Known World with his adopted father, Coronos Avernayis Dragon Rider, to stand by Issa’s side against Baelthrom and take back what was stolen from him.

‘I cannot be destroyed by fire, I am fire itself!’ Asaph cried, his voice a roar louder than the roaring flames that consumed him. Fire erupted from his mouth and his body disintegrated as the Dragon form took over. He looked down and saw he was no longer made of solid matter but of fire. He had become a Dragon made of living, breathing flames and the pain that had consumed him had gone.

~ Asaph, Dark Moon Rising

The beginnings of the Dragon Lords are shrouded in mystery; history tells us that long ago humans and Dragons fought each other in ceaseless bloody wars. Legend tells us that our beloved Feygriene, the Sun Goddess aspect of the Great Goddess most revered by Draxians and Dragons, took pity on her children and chose for human and Dragon to be bound together, forever ending the bloodshed between them.”

~ Coronos, Dark Moon Rising

‘Let us fight, man to man,’ Asaph growled. It somehow seemed more honourable.

The Dromoorai said nothing, reacted to nothing. Only came on, fearless, unreadable.

I’ll kill this human abomination as a human and end their sordid lives as they have ended others!

It raised its sword and Asaph raised his. Sword struck sword in a resounding clash of metal grinding upon metal. Asaph staggered under the Dromoorai’s blow, its strength was frightening, but his own fury and sense of victory after killing the Dread Dragon gave him confidence and strength. He managed to shove the claymore back. He stepped away and scanned his opponent’s armour, looking for any weakness. It has to be weaker without its dragon. But any weakness that he could find was woefully absent.

Their swords rose and fell again. He deflected another crushing blow with a slice and a duck, recovering his lighter weapon swiftly. He stabbed at the Dromoorai’s side where he thought the armour might be weaker and ground between the plates. The Dromoorai grunted in surprise, its eyes turned black and it fell back. Unlike the Dread Dragon the Dromoorai’s blood was watery and grey and it gushed over Asaph’s sword as he yanked it free.

The man-beast is only half a being, its blood is weak like water, yet it is as strong as a bear.

~ Asaph Confronts His Dark Brethren, The Fall Of Celene Part Two