Marakon Si Hara

Our lives spent for the hope, the desperate longing hope, of freedom. What else is there to do in this life?”

‘You are an old soul, sir.’

Marakon stroked his chin thoughtfully and smiled, ‘Somehow that doesn’t surprise me,’ he laughed but the girl only gave a half smile.

‘You have returned to fulfil a great deed.’

Marakon shifted uneasily, wondering if the girl was angling for more coins, but the sincerity and sombreness of her tone told him it was not true.

‘I can see it in the heaviness of your aura; you walk a double path, though you do not know it,’ the young girl looked far away, beyond the bustling market and into another time and place entirely. ‘There is darkness and sadness about you. Can you find and restore a long forgotten glory? Can you right a terrible wrong that was done unto you and your companions?’

~ Marakon, The Fall Of Celene


The change frightened him at first but now he was more used to it, though never would be fully. His right eye was normal and saw as well as anyone else’s, but the vision in his left eye had been replaced with what he could only call far sightedness, extreme far sightedness. He could see a bird in a tree ten miles away and make out every detail, the colour of its eyes, the fine strands of its feathers. If he covered his good right eye he could also look straight at the sun and it would not hurt.

~ Marakon, The Fall Of Celene


It wasn’t just revenge either that kept him fighting. He gripped the railings and clenched his jaw as that familiar awful feeling of emptiness swept through him. He didn’t know why it came or where it came from but it was as if he’d done something awful and yet he could not remember it. Like brutally murdering someone in a rage but having the memory of it removed whilst the feeling still remained. He wanted to remember and yet he didn’t, he really didn’t.

The feeling plagued him and left him in darkness. The darkness had been with him his whole life like a black hole, a void he could never fill. An empty loneliness that brought upon a desperate searching for something he did not know what. If he could find that something that would make everything make sense then he would find peace. He thought having a wife would fill the void, but it did not, it only held the darkness at bay. He thought having children was what he sought but though he loved his sons the dark emptiness still visited. Only when he was fighting Maphraxies was he free of that darkness and free of the elven guilt.

~ Marakon, The Fall Of Celene