Queen Pheonis

Indeed it was always Asaph’s eyes that affected Coronos the most, stirring up those painful memories in an instant. They were the same as his mother’s eyes, brilliant blue and full of fiery passion.

The warmth of the orb caught his attention and he looked down into its swirling grey and white eddies. Beloved Queen Pheonis, if only you could see your son today, he thought. The orb was quick to respond to his thoughts and her face formed within it; red curls, dark as smouldering embers, framed a smooth bronzed face, soft lips curled into a warm smile so real it was as if she lived once more. Tears clouded Coronos’s vision, making it look as though she was surrounded by a glimmering halo.

~ Coronos, Dark Moon Rising


Coronos blessedly continued. Asaph silently let go of his breath, suddenly feeling painfully alone with his secret. Eventually Asaph lost himself to Coronos’s words becoming a young boy again as his adopted father recounted for the hundredth time the story of his mother. Her face drifted before him, a face he found fiercely beautiful with copper coloured skin, sparkling blue eyes and red hair the colour of the setting sun. For a moment he could feel the glory of flying over the high towers of castle Drax, the exhilaration, the freedom and the power was all his as he lived them again through his mother’s memory.

~ Dark Moon Rising


The great Queen Pheonis of Drax, Queen of the mighty Dragon realm of the north and Asaph’s beloved mother. Brutally murdered by Baelthrom after Asaph was born.

Queen Pheonis Dragon Lord Queen. Art by Artgerm on DeviantArt