Triest’anth returned moments later followed by the strangest looking woman Coronos had ever seen. He couldn’t hide the shock on his face when he saw the Seer for she was a White One, her smooth flawless skin so pale it was white, as was her long unbound hair. Her eyes were just the faintest pink. She wore blue robes, as did all Seers, and held a white birch staff. Despite her white hair she was not old but a young woman, though her eyes held much wisdom. She was small and slender but imposing at the same time. Her presence dominated the room.

‘Please meet the Seer, Naksu, Coronos,’ Triest’anth said.

Both inclined their heads in greeting, the Seer regarding Coronos in the same casual way that he regarded her. He couldn’t explain why but he felt unsettled in the wise woman’s company, as if unused to female magic wielders, and she did little to ease it. Saying nothing she moved swiftly over to Asaph. Coronos wondered if she had sensed Asaph was a Dragon Lord, for Wizards and Seers alike could feel such things.

~ Seer Naksu, Dark Moon Rising

‘You forget that the Isles of Tirry are beside Maphrax, right next to the enemies’ stronghold, and that, like the elven Land of Mists and the Wizards’ Circle, Myrn is shielded from view. Only a seer may enter. We dare not use magic to project from Myrn for Baelthrom will feel it. The risk is just too great.’

‘So you just sit there whilst Maioria falls apart?’ Edarna said incredulously.

Naksu looked away, ‘It is not as I would have it either but I am not one of the Trinity, I am not in charge. We keep our knowledge protected and all the most important things that must be preserved. To lose them would be to lose the world.’

‘Pah, it’s lost already!’ Edarna said.

Naksu was silent and stared into the fire.

~ Naksu Feyrin the Seer & Edarna Higglesworth the Witch, The Fall Of Celene