An Exiled King. A Broken Dream. A Sword Forged for Forever.

Issa can trust no one. Her closest allies betray her, and nobody is as they seem. When a Dromoorai captures her and a black vortex to another dimension rips into her room, she realises the attacks will never stop and there is far worse than Baelthrom reaching for her out of the Dark Rift.

The Great Sword of Binding has been stolen and it calls to Asaph in a vision like no other. Alone he must find it and awaken the dragons before they fall asleep forever. But the quest will bring him face to face with the enemy, and to the very brink of his life. Can he find the sword and reach Issa’s army in time to join the fight against Baelthrom?

The Dragon Dream has fallen and now the Elven Land of Mists is attacked. Soon there will be nothing left to defend. Issa must take the offensive and strike into the heart of enemy lands. War now becomes the Raven Queen’s domain.

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“If  you’re planning on an early night, don’t start this book. It will hook you, draw you in, and before you know it, cocks will be crowing as daylight dawns and you’ll need matchsticks for the rest of the day. It’s brilliantly written, effortlessly well thought out and, even though it’s a fantasy book, the characters and events are thoroughly believable. You’ll be on the edge of your seat!”

“If you’ve read the earlier books in this fantastic series, you won’t be disappointed with AE Evermore’s latest edition. It’s fast-moving, fabulous and utterly enthralling. It seamlessly ties together previous events and continues Issa’s journey, leading us towards a conclusion that will have you biting your nails. I really didn’t want the book to end.”

“I know what you’re going to say: what, another story with dragons? But this book isn’t just about dragons, it’s an epic story that follows on from the rest of this fabulous series, and these dragons are utterly believable, a great concept and exceedingly well thought out and written. Start at the beginning of the series, and then snap this one up too.”