When darkness falls, a heroine will rise.

The Dread Dragons came with the dawn. On dark wings of death they slaughtered every seer and turned their sacred lands to ruin…

A Seer’s visions never lie. When an ancient goddess gives her warning in a powerful visitation, Eritara realises the terrible premonition will soon come to pass. But the price to save her unborn child and all those she loves is high; if they are to survive, she must betray them and flee the sanctity of her homeland forever, for the Immortal Lord will stop at nothing until he has destroyed utterly the preordained child of prophecy.

When strangers knock on Fraya’s door in the middle of a stormy night, her life is changed forever. The man is a bard, a warrior, and a follower of the Old Ways. The woman is a seer, heavily pregnant with a child so blessed by the goddess, they are forced to run for their lives from the Immortals. As they tell her things about herself that they cannot know, Fraya fears a divine power moving in her life, and when the enemy strikes, she too must flee, for the life of the child and the fate of the world is now in her hands.

This series is being hailed as one of the best high epic fantasy series in years, drawing on all the appeal of Tolkien’s deep and soulful characters, Robert Jordan’s sweeping worlds, and Marion Bradley’s unyielding heroines. This is a saga full of spirit, determination and resilience.

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“What a beautiful read with fascinating magic, interesting and unique creatures and original world building. Definitely not your cliché fantasy novel. A book with a difference. I’m keen to find out how the daughter will fight the looming darkness.” – Kathy Bosman, Author

“Better than David Eddings!”

– John F.

“My 2nd favorite author. Tolkien is my first.”

– Myla L.A.

“Absolutely stunning!”

– Reviewer