MAIORIA, once a light-filled world, now teeters on the edge of oblivion…

…but the Dark Moon of Zanufey is rising


Long ago eternal beings steeped in magic walked the tranquil lands of Maioria. But power turned to arrogance and the Dark Rift ripped through the night sky. Out of it came Baelthrom, the Immortal Lord who seeks only to enslave all life and drag it into the Dark Rift with him. With their powers the Ancients bound him forever in the darkness of the earth. But his hate grew strong as millennia passed, and he planned his rising.

Keteth, in his greed for power, stole a seal from Baelthrom’s prison shattering it. Now free, the Immortal Lord wreaked his vengeance – the land blistered, entire races perished, and the life magic of Maioria was torn asunder forever. From the flowering meadows of Tusarza to the frigid Dragon Lands of Drax, the reach of Baelthrom is vast, and his horde of undead soldiers, the Maphraxies, grow more numerous by the day.

The Feylint Halanoi are weak, their numbers dwindle as Baelthrom’s army swells. No longer can Seer or Wizard or Witch foretell what will come to pass; the future is dark, hanging undecided between the darkness and the light. But evil will not go unchallenged and though a primordial power dwindles it still flows pure. The Dark Moon of Zanufey is rising, setting in motion prophecies foretold eons ago, and her raven searches for the Raven Queen.

Issa, is a young woman who has her world turned upside down when a raven bursts into her life. Soon after her home and family are destroyed by the terrifying Dromoorai, Dragon servants of Baelthrom hunting for the one of prophecy. Fleeing to survive, she embarks upon a journey that changes her life forever. She will not stand alone for the prophecy speaks of another. Asaph, exiled heir to the throne of Drax and last of the mighty Dragon Lords, has to find her before it is too late. For Issa must survive to embrace the power of the Dark Moon. If she does not accept her destiny as Zanufey’s Raven Queen, Maioria will be lost in the Dark Rift forever.


Described by editors as “Robert Jordan’s The Wheel Of Time series with a female Chosen One.” “Addictive,” “beautifully wrought” adult epic fantasy about a heroine, sweeping worlds, dragons and magic that is “impossible to put down!”

The Prophecies of Zanufey are an exciting new series packed full of magic and adventure and the strength of human spirit to overcome impossible odds. This is a tale of terrible deeds and the greatest salvation. A story of benevolent Goddess’s and fallen Dark Lords, Dragons and Dragon Lords, Witches and Wizards, forgotten Kings and Raven Queen’s.

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